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Jumping On The Bandwagon- “Mommy Makeover Challenge”

As any stay at home parent will tell you, it’s very easy to fall into bad habits of not showering or getting dressed during the day. It’s gotten to the point where I actually am starting to feel bad for my husband when he comes home to find that I’m still wearing yoga pants and a tank top and that I clearly haven’t put much thought to doing my hair or putting on makeup. God forbid someone were to knock on the door during the day. What would I do? Hide in the closet? Probably. Apparently (and thankfully), I’m not alone in this. My friend The Naptown Organizer decided to facilitate a week-long challenge encouraging stay at home parents to get up and get ready in the mornings…even if we don’t have anywhere to go. I love it.

So here it is, folks, day one:


So today I’m wearing my go-to outfit for when I need to leave the house. Jeans, a top, and an open front cardigan.

*Sidenote: As I write this C is carrying around my camera saying, “cheese”. Fantastic.

Day of the Challenge? Today is day one of the rest of my life (I couldn’t resist). I got off to a late start with this challenge but that’s primarily due to the fact that I just started this blog. Do you forgive me?
How long did it take you to get ready? I spent about 35 minutes getting ready. Had I showered in the morning instead of at night, I would need to tack on an additional half hour to that time to bathe and blow dry my hair. Half of my “get ready” time was spent trying to find something to wear which is pretty sad considering I usually just wear jeans with a cardigan sweater.
What did you do differently than normal? I really felt motivated as I prepared for this challenge. I set out clothes for Charlotte last night (I figured if I have to do it, so does she). Aside from that, the process of actually caring what I look like during the day was pretty different from the norm.
Did you go anywhere outside of the home? Coincidently, I just got a phone call from a friend about doing lunch. So yes, I’m going places!
Where did you go/what did you do? I’m planning to do lunch, head over to the mall to window shop (or real shop), and then head to run a few errands.
Did you feel any differently?
You know what, I really do. It’s weird what a difference just getting dressed can make. I don’t feel as tired and I actually want to get out of the house. What a fantastic feeling.
So there you have it, folks, day one of the Mommy Makeover Challenge. If you feel inspired to follow suit, feel free. I’ll be doing mine until October 11th…or longer. Maybe everyday. That sounds good, right?

2 thoughts on “Jumping On The Bandwagon- “Mommy Makeover Challenge””

    1. This past week, my neighbor called me because she was running late getting home and had to watch a friend’s child. She asked if I could watch the child for a half hour or so until she got home. I was in absolute PANIC trying to get dressed and clean up in the few minutes before they came over…and even then I was just in yoga pants and a regular shirt. I considered it a success because I put on a bra. That’s more than I can say most days.

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