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“Look Mom, I Showered!” – Mommy Makeover Challenge Day #2


I’ll be honest, life with a toddler can be tough. I’ve found that’s it’s sometimes difficult to get a good shower in each morning when I wake up and so I usually wait until later in the day, or at night, to clean myself up. Not today. My shower (which was much, much longer than it probably should have been) was glorious and I think it helped to set the tone for the rest of this day. Having said that, day two of the “Mommy Makeover Challenge”, inspired by my friend The Naptown Organizer (she’s on day six today, I’m a little behind), was a success.

Day of the Challenge? Today is my second day of the challenge. It’s Saturday so our schedule isn’t the same as it is when the husband is at work Monday-Friday. This gives me more time to focus on getting ready, which is really nice.
How long did it take you to get ready? I won’t include shower time because, let’s be honest, I spent an unecessary amount of time when I take showers. What can I say, it’s my time to relax. I couldn’t find my brush (the joys of having children in the house) anywhere this morning so I had to blow my hair dry with one of C’s combs. Oddly enough, it worked out since I didn’t end up having to straighten my hair. All in all, sans shower, it took me about twenty minutes to get ready this morning.
What did you do differently than normal? I took my time…something that’s very out of the ordinary for me when it comes to getting ready.
Did you go anywhere outside of the home? We did! We went down to a local consignment sale that I’ve got some items in. Today was the last day of the sale so I was able to score some slipper boots for C for only $1.50. Then we headed over to the mall to shop around (I did my window shopping yesterday, my real shopping today). I’ll be leaving the house here again in a couple of hours so I’m glad I got ready.
Did you feel any differently? This was a pretty typical Saturday for me. I did spend a little more time focusing on ME today, which made me feel more relaxed.
Feel inspired to join in? You can find all of the information for this Mommy Makeover Challenge here. I’ll be doing mine until October 11th, or longer. Maybe everyday. Always.

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