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“Baby It’s Cold Outside” – Mommy Makeover Challenge Day #3

Holy Autumn it’s cold outside! As much as I love this amazing fall weather we’re having, my options are somewhat limited on what I can wear until I get down my winter wardrobe again (“The time is now,” says the voice in my head). Maybe I’ll put that on the docket for tonight, or tomorrow, or whenever I get around to it. Having said that, today is my day #3 of the “Mommy Makeover Challenge” hosted by my friend The Naptown Organizer. The husband, C, and I went out to Bob Evans for breakfast this morning and so I wanted to wear something comfortable yet seasonally appropriate and so I opted for some long black workout pants, a grey top, and my trusty Old Navy fleece vest.

Day of the Challenge? Today is the final day of the Naptown Organizer’s Mommy Makeover Challenge but I’m only on my third day since I got off to a late start.
How long did it take you to get ready? Including straightening my hair and putting on makeup, it took me about 20 minutes to get ready.
What did you do differently than normal? Nothing really, today was pretty typical for getting ready to leave the house (but we knew we were going somewhere).
Did you go anywhere outside of the home? We did!
Where did you go/what did you do? We went out to breakfast and Target this morning before heading home for a few minutes. Then I met a friend to see “Won’t Back Down”. Afterwards, I went to Trader Joe’s and now I’m back at home with the family for the rest of the night.
Did you feel any differently? I feel pretty great today. The crisp Autumn weather is good for the soul…of that, I am sure.
I will say that in reading my blogs you probably get the impression that I’m a busy person. Don’t let these past few days fool you, my schedule isn’t normally this packed. I’m not sure why October has traditionally been a busy month for me but it has/it is. I’m really very boring. You could say I’m a homebody.
For more information on how you can participate you can see the “rules” posted here. I’ll be “officially” doing this until the 11th if you want to join in.

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