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The Week of The Broken Toe (Warning: Graphic Pictures)

We took a vacation this past week to Jekyll Island, Georgia for the husband’s family reunion. I hadn’t been to the shore in over a decade and C got to experience the sand and water for the first time in her life. It was a great adventure. As it goes with any journey it was not without its bump in the road which, in my case, happened to be an assumed broken toe on our first day in town. I dropped my camera directly on it. OUCH. It split open part of the top of my middle toe. At first I thought that’s the only damage that it did…I was wrong. Come morning on day two, it was pretty obvious the toe was broken.

When I first started taking pictures, it was really just for reference so that I could see progress from one day to the next but I decided to share with anyone who’s curious about what a broken toe looks like. I hope none of you have had the misfortune of breaking a bone, it’s not fun.

Day #2:

I woke up that morning with a throbbing, painful toe. Thankfully my in-laws carry around a mini pharmacy when they travel so I was able to score some Tylenol from them. I know there’s not much that can be done for a broken toe and since we were more than a thousand miles away from home, the prospect of going to an urgent care out of network didn’t seem all that appealing. I found the smallest little grocery store (the only one on the island) to buy some medical tape:

Like any former Girl Scout would do, I decided to buddy tape it to the next toe over:


Day #4:


Day #8 (today):

Even though it’s nowhere near back to normal, it’s definitely looking (and feeling) better with each passing day. I’d planned to start (/restart) the Couch-To-5K program this week but I may put that off until Monday just to give myself a little more time to heal. I’m planning to run/walk/jog (some combination of that) my first 5k since C was born in December. My goal is to complete one a month. Not only are these races/events a great way to participate in charity but they also keep me accountable for regular exercise, something I’ve been lacking lately.

I’m planning to do a blog series on the Couch-To-5K once I get started so stay tuned for that…

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