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“I’ll Love You Forever”: A How To Guide For Stalkers?!?!

Parents: Be careful of this book.

Cleverly disguised as a sweet, innocent children’s book it’s really a well written how-to for would be stalkers.

C was given this book when she was an infant as a gift from my Great Aunt P. When we first started reading it, I’ll admit, I thought it was sweet. It starts out with a new mother holding her dear son in her arms in a rocking chair. “Aww,” I thought, “we’re going to love this book.” The book takes us through the journey from infant and toddlerhood when the boy is two years old, testing his boundries, and driving his mother crazy. Still, though, when the boy sleeps at night the mother visits his room and gets a little snuggle time in. Having a toddler of my own, I think that’s actually really sweet. As your children get older, it’s hard to fit in that snuggle time unless they’re sleeping…

At a certain point, though, parents have to let their children grow up. This behavior of sneaking into his room in the middle of the night to hold and rock her child remains a habit for this mother well into her son’s teenage years at which point it just becomes creepy.  So long as the child is still living at home, I can look past (and understand to a certain extent) wanting to keep your children closer. Does this mother stop sneaking into her grown child’s room in the middle of the night when he moves into a home of his own? Nope, she sure doesn’t.

One would think her son would have moved far, far away to get away from his overbearing, no doubt “helicopter” parent, but instead he opts to purchase a nice, cozy house across town.

“But sometimes on dark nights the mother got into her car and drove across town. If all the lights in her son’s house were out, she opened his bedroom window, crawled across the floor, and looked up over the side of his bed…”

I’ll tell you the exact point where the behavior goes from sweet, innocent attachment (albiet strange) parenting to inappropriate stalking: when the mother ties a ladder to the top of her car and breaks into her sons home in the middle of the night to watch him sleep. She’s breaking several laws here… Can you imagine being that adult child and waking up to find your parent (who lives miles away) standing over you in your sleep? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What kind of message does that send? This spry old woman, dressed as a cat burgler, sneaking into the windows of her grown children in the middle of the night. Does she also take pictures? Have hidden video cameras? Where does it end?!

And this son…WHO is he?! Who doesn’t notice when someone picks them up and sings to them in the middle of the night. Is he deaf? Does he just sleep through anything? And where is the wife in this? I see a man sleeping in a twin size bed alone at night. Does she know what this crazy mother is up to and wants no part of it? Do they not lock their windows at night? What about a security system?

Here’s what this book teaches-

-If you love someone, keep a close eye on them.

-It’s okay to sneak into someone’s room just to watch them sleep.

-No one will ask questions if you load up a ladder, drive across town, and use said ladder to sneak into someone’s home.

When I think of her, I imagine this family:

4 thoughts on ““I’ll Love You Forever”: A How To Guide For Stalkers?!?!”

  1. You are seriously the first person I’ve encountered who shares my opinion that this book is just creepy. I used to be a preschool teacher and this book was a favorite among my colleagues. I always thought maybe I would understand it one day when I had kids if my own….but, no. It still creeps me out. *shudder*

  2. While I was in Basic Training, a buddy of mine- Flynn had his mom send him this book. He gave it to me saying “You have kids, you can read it to them.” I didn’t read it until I was at my first duty station a year later. I showed it to my wife and after reading it she said “CREEPY!”

    Then to my shame (it’s been 24 years so I’m OK with it now) we took it to the library and put it on the Freebie Shelf. We passed the creepy on to someone else. OK, maybe I feel a little shame still.

    Oh- a side note- those balloons really confuse me while I type. I keep trying to scroll the page so I’m above or below them.

    1. Even though I still maintain that the story line is a little stalkerish, I do think it’s a sweet book so you shouldn’t feel shame in passing it along to others. 🙂

      I’ve noticed the same thing about the balloons and am working on trying to find another theme that better suits my blogging style, family, and is a little bit more suitable for my readers. Thanks for the comment! I saw you’re in Germany. We were stationed there in the late 1980’s while my father was serving in the Air Force. It’s a beautiful country!

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