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Trunk Or Treat / Happy Halloween 2012

When I first started this post earlier this afternoon, I intended to make this into a quick tutorial about making tissue paper balls. I think I’ll save that for a later date (probably around Charlotte’s birthday) because I’m far too lazy to do it right now. Forgive me?! 🙂 Moving on…

We went to a “Trunk Or Treat” event tonight about twenty minutes from our home. I’m really glad that we participated. Interacting with the kids and allowing Charlotte to go to a place that not only had the traditional ‘trick or treating’ but also had activities was a good call for her age. She got to decorate a pumpkin, play some games, and walk around in a safe atmosphere. I spent a little time preparing for this event. I made tissue paper balls, blew up some balloons, and decorated my trunk. Overall Halloween 2012 was a success!

Take a peek:

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