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A Giveaway! Bumblefly~N~Butterbees Door Jammer

A few weeks ago I ordered two custom door jammers from my friend Bumblefly~N~Butterbees with the intention of giving one away to my readers.

That time is now!

You can find the entry information for the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

I want to talk a little bit about why I love Bumblefly~N~Butterbees. Not only is the owner a friend of mine but I also love that she is dedicated to creating beautiful, toxic free, sustainable products for family & home. Our first B~N~B product was the sort and scoop game for toddlers (pictured below). C loves playing with it and it’s a great way to help with cognitive development. I will say, if you’re looking to purchase one for your child, that the game is intended for children three years and older who can play on their own. That said, C never plays with this toy unsupervised and it’s never been an issue with us.

Why Did I Get a Door Jammer?

I have a very independent toddler on my hands who recently discovered that she was able to lock the door in her room. How a 20 month old is able to figure stuff like that out is beyond me but she can (and she does) lock and close doors. We’re pretty good about keeping our bedroom, guest room, and other doors closed during the day but we like to keep her bedroom door open at all times. The door jammer comes in handy because it prevents the door from latching shut so even when C closes her door, she can’t lock herself in. I can feel more comfortable allowing her to play independently in her room without having to worry about not being able to quickly get in there if she needs me.

It has also come in really handy during naptime. We’ve finally gotten to the point where C will lay down and go to sleep quietly and without much of a fight. The door jammer has been a lifesaver because it reduces (/eliminates) noise when I open and close the door to the room to check on her.

So…who wants a door jammer?! I’m hosting my first ever giveaway for one of these incredible products to one reader. You can gain entries by:

  • leaving a comment on this blog
  • Becoming a fan of It’s An Ordinary Blog and Bumblefly~N~Butterbees on Facebook
  • Sharing it on your social networks. *Remember to tag It’s An Ordinary Blog (be sure the post is public) for your entry to count.

Since I have a blog hosted through WordPress, the embedded code for Rafflecopter doesn’t work <insert sad face> but following the link (“Door Jammer Giveaway via Rafflecopter”) is pretty easy and, I promise, it’s safe:

Door Jammer Giveaway Via Rafflecopter

I’ll pick a winner, via Rafflecopter, on November 15th. Good luck!

9 thoughts on “A Giveaway! Bumblefly~N~Butterbees Door Jammer”

  1. I am so glad you mentioned using them to keep the door from closing. I hadn’t thought of that and Gideon’s fav game these days seems to be “trap myself in my room, HELP!”

  2. I love this idea I just had a young girl last night lock our bathroom door while walking out an shutting the door behind her…we were locked out! I would love having this 🙂

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