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The Cable Companies Hate Me…

I am constantly getting mail (like what’s pictured above) from the cable and satellite companies telling me that I’m paying too much for TV. That’s simply not true. Why? Because I pay nothing for my television service. I’m one of those rare breeds of people who don’t have (or want) cable television. GASP! I know…and the cable companies HATE that we cut the cord on television. For years we played the game of overpaying for the luxury of watching TV, having DVR, and avoiding meaningful conversations with others.

Before I gave birth to my daughter in early 2011, I started noticing that the television had become the focal point of our living room. We would host events and, without fail, the television would end up on before the party ended. I came to realize that we’re a product of our society and it seems that our generation (more so with the “current” generation) doesn’t value face to face time as much. With advances in modern technology, Facebook, live broadcasts of sporting events, etc. there are plenty of things to distract us from having deep, meaningful conversations with the ones that we love. I started to miss that and so when C was born we moved the larger television that was in our living room to the bedroom and got a very small hideaway television for the shrunk in our living room. Out of sight out of mind, right?! I started noticing that we enjoyed our time with visitors more when we actually spent it with them (not just with them if you know what I mean).

The next step was to cut out cable television all together. I can’t say that our decision was based purely on the desire to not watch television at all anymore because we do still watch some (I’ll get to that in a minute), we also wanted to cut down on our expenses. When we were paying for cable television and internet service through Comcast, it was costing us around $1500.00 per year. Fifteen hundred dollars each year for cable. As Mr. T would say, “That’s Absoludicrous!”. When I called to break up with Comcast their retention department tried everything under the sun to keep me. They offered me promotional rates, free premium channels, DVR packages, etc. I pulled the whole, “It’s not you, it’s me” and we ended things.

It was hard at first, I’ll admit, but I came to discover in the months that followed that giving cable the ax was one of the best things for our family. We used to be the kind of family (I’m sure many of you can relate) that had the television on simply for background noise but now we watch only one or two shows in the evening after C goes to sleep and I’ll occasionally pull something up on Netflix for her to watch while we’re awake (usually when I want snuggle time).

If you’re thinking about cutting out cable allow me to offer a solution. This is what we’ve done, and it works well for us. We purchased a Roku box on for a one time fee of $60.00. It’s a nifty little device that hooks up to your television and draws from your internet to provide you with TV viewing. There are hundreds (that may be an exaggeration, I’m not actually sure how many there are) of stations that you can get for free on Roku to keep up with news, cooking, health and wellness, learning, etc. In addition, both Netflix and Hulu Plus are available for a nominal monthly fee. Both services both run about 8.00 per month. Including our $29.99 montly internet service (we have 12mbps through AT&T) we spend less than $50 each month for television service (and internet) which saves our family more than a thousand dollars each year.

It’s totally worth it and the cable companies hate it. I am constantly getting offer after offer in the mail from several of the leading cable companies vying for my service. It’s borderline insanity. Given the benefits to not having cable, coupled with the fact that it bothers me to see how much paper they’re wasting to win me over, why would I ever consider going back?

I’m curious to see if there are any other cable free families out there? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

3 thoughts on “The Cable Companies Hate Me…”

  1. We canceled direct tv a couple of months ago. Our hdtv has internet capability built in, and between hulu plus, antenna, and shows available on line from networks, etc.,we watch as much tv as ever.

  2. Nope, you are not alone. We made the switch to only Hulu and Netflix March of 2011. Over a year and a half cable free. It have been nice, I still get my shows and its so much easier to get the kids to play. Our tv is only on a few hours a day, if at all.

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