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The Kitchen: Part II

As you know from yesterday’s post, we’ve been working on some small kitchen projects here at home. The husband and I have been very fortunate in that have very generous people in our lives without whom we wouldn’t have many of the things we have. My dad gave us a four person dining room table that we picked out from Nebraska Furniture Mart a couple of years ago. We love it and it’s been an incredible piece of furniture for us for the last few years. When we made the decision to finish our basement (which is still a work in progress) we knew we wanted to move that table downstairs and have a six person table that was a little lower to the ground in our kitchen. Since C is now old enough to be in a booster seat instead of a high chair, it was especially important for us to start the search as soon as possible. I searched for a couple of months on Craigslist and finally found what I was looking for at a very reasonable price.

This is a pretty commons style of table that includes four chairs and a long bench and it fits perfectly in our kitchen. I’ve never been a major fan of medium shades of wood so I knew immediately that was one of the changes I was going to make. I think it’s important, for anyone looking for different furniture, to find a piece that you like for its structure. Things like color and stain can be changed at fairly minimal cost to the owner so if you find something you like within (or under in our case) your price range go with it.

I chose a cream/yellow color for the table itself and wanted to do the chairs and bench in different colors. Here’s what they looked like before:

Here are the chairs, after:

And the bench:

I was lucky to find some great table clothes on clearance at my local Target (just one of them is displayed below) to help dress up the table, making this portion of the kitchen home improvement project complete.

Tomorrow, in the third and final part of my kitchen renovation series, I’ll talk about wall how I did the wall decor and what a major difference it made in the look and feel of the kitchen (and, of course, there will be plenty of pictures). Until then…

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