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A Season Of Giving: Give Thanks, Give Back

Even though I’m not participating in the “30 Days of Giving Thanks” like many of my blogger friends are, I do have a lot to be thankful for so I wanted to take a moment to talk about the season of giving. While we’re focused on giving thanks for our own lives, we should also take a moment to give back to our communities.

Harvesters: The Community Food Network is an organization very dear to my heart. I first heard about Harvesters while working for a company that partnered with them for some volunteer work but it wasn’t until I joined a philanthropic organization here in Kansas City that I really got to spend time figuring out what Harvesters is all about. As Americans, we often think about developing countries and their needs while overlooking the need within our own backyard. Food desserts and hunger are a very real issue that many families face right here in the United States. I stand with Harvesters in the belief that no child should ever go hungry and so this year I’ve asked my friends and family who will be coming over for the holidays to help support this organization through the donation of non perishable food items.

I contacted Harvesters who agreed to let me have a large box, which holds 150 pounds of food and a poster to hang on the wall next to C’s art. I’m encouraging friends and family to help me fill that box. Together, we can help to make a difference in the community around us. I would also like to encourage you, my readers, who join the fight against hunger in America. Your contribution will help families in desperate need this holiday season. If you’d like to give to Harvesters, simply follow this link to their site to make an online donation. I also encourage you to find organizations in your own area whose mission is to better the community and give to them. Give your time, your talents, your resources. Give what you can for those who have less.

This year, I have so much to be thankful for and I wanted to take a moment to touch on that. I am beyond grateful for my incredible family. I am so blessed to live within driving distance of several of my family members and I know I can always count on them if I need them. I have an amazing husband who works so hard to provide for us. He is loving. He is smart. He is kind. I have a wonderful daughter who I love more than anything in this world. She has brought me so much joy. She has taught me about life. She has taught me about love. I am thankful for our laughs together, our Eskimo kisses, our snuggles before bedtime. I am thankful for my chosen family, who are my friends. I firmly believe that I have the best friends on Earth and I love them all. I am thankful for everything I have in this life and so, so much more. I am thankful for my health and for the health of those that I care about. I am thankful for this planet and all its inhabitants. I am thankful for this life.

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