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A Trip to the Zoo: St. Louis Edition (with pictures!)

I should have done this post a long time ago but I was just thumbing through the pictures from the trip we took at the end of September to meet up with my friend Becca (you can read her blog here) and her husband. The St. Louis Zoo is one of my absolute favorites and I hadn’t been since childhood.

This first picture was taken when we were at the “Penguin & Puffin Coast”. I really love how they have their exhibit set up. The chilled, indoor atmosphere is the ideal setting for these incredible animals and I imagine it’s a great place to chill out while visiting the zoo during the hot summer months that can be brutal in this area. As you can tell, C was just thrilled to see the penguins.

The rest of these pictures were taken at the various exhibits around the zoo. We were really lucky in that the weather was really nice and most of the animals were out.

I won’t deny that I giggled when I saw this:

We’ve been really lucky to have friends across the country and the zoo always seems like a great place to get together when you have little ones. This is the first installment of my “Zoo” posts. Next week, I’ll post our pictures from the Omaha Zoo trip we took in June (yes, we’re going out of order here).

What’s your favorite thing about the zoo?

3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Zoo: St. Louis Edition (with pictures!)”

  1. For me, it’s giving my kids a chance to connect with animals that would otherwise just be pictures in a book–plus all the wonderful conservation work the zoos do. I won’t go to a public for-profit zoo, but the nonprofits that are about education and conservation are great!

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