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Uterus: Vacancy (About Drinking)

wine cellar

I’ll be the first to tell you that I enjoy a nice glass of wine every now and then but I’m really not much of a drinker. When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant in September 2009, I stopped drinking. When we lost that pregnancy, we knew we wanted to start trying again as soon as we were in the clear so regular drinking wasn’t a habit I started up again. I would have a little every once in a while but it really only amounted to one drink a month. After C was born, I was giving her breast milk and so drinking was still not something that was on my radar. To be honest, I was glad for the excuse to turn down drinks when I didn’t want one. Now that C is older (she’ll be 2 in February) and we’re not trying to have another child, I don’t have the built-in excuse for not drinking.

I don’t have a problem with alcohol, I’m not sick, there’s nothing wrong with me…

I just don’t feel like having alcohol most of the time. And that’s okay.

For some reason, when women of childbearing age turn down drinks people automatically assume one thing: P-R-E-G-N-A-N-C-Y. Why?

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had someone ask me why I’m not drinking…or give me a smile, or a little wink when I turn down a glass of wine but really, honestly, it has absolutely nothing to do with the state of my uterus (which, as I’ve stated before, is empty). I really and truly just prefer iced tea over alcohol. It’s how I am and it’s what I like and I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

So this message goes to all of you who have friends and family in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties who frequently turn down wine or other drinks: STOP ASSUMING WE’RE PREGNANT. Please and thank you. I’m not holding some big secret and I have nothing to hide. If and (/0r) when we ever get pregnant again, I promise I will tell you…until then, let it go.

10 thoughts on “Uterus: Vacancy (About Drinking)”

  1. YES!! Same goes for not feeling well – sometimes it’s just a virus. And for those of us who have struggled with fertility issues or pregnancy loss (which is damn near every woman I know), it can actually be hurtful to make that assumption based on something as silly as food poisoning or a preference for club soda. Great post.

  2. Great post! I’m the same way…I don’t like most alcohol so I don’t drink it. Period. End of story. I’m not secretly pregant I simply don’t want a beer b/c it’s gross and I only like really sweet wines so leave me alone and quit thinking I’m secretly preggers!

  3. Very good point, though you lost me with the notion that you must be a teetotaler while breastfeeding. Some people just don’t care for alcoholic beverages, just as some don’t care for chocolate.

    1. Not drinking during BF was just a personal preference for me. I have a low tolerance for alcohol as it is and so it was best, for me, to just stay away from it. For the record, I don’t see how ANYONE could not care for chocolate! 😉

  4. So true! I actually had a drink early in my pregnancy because I didn’t want anyone guessing yet! And alcohol has so many calories, so if you don’t like it – don’t drink it! I had that perspective except my husband really loves wine, so I developed a taste for it (and now I LOVE it) so I could enjoy it with him… ah well.

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