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Mad About It Mondays: Individually Wrapped Items

So I was chit-chatting the other day with my friend The Pajama Mama the other night about doing blog link ups for “Mad About It Monday”. Everyone has a little something they want to get off their chest and so I encourage you to join me today and every Monday in this series. You can participate by posting a link to your post in the comments or using the link button at the bottom of this page.

Let’s talk about these:

Paper TowelsToilet Paper

Both of these items can be purchased from Costco at very reasonable prices. What makes me so irritated is that they come individually wrapped. One would think the large, heavy-duty¬†plastic encasing the toilet paper and paper towels would be enough packaging but apparently it’s not. Every roll of paper towels comes wrapped up in its own bit of plastic and every four to six rolls of toilet paper is the same. Is that really necessary?! No, it’s not. If they were to cut down on the amount of plastic packaging they used on each case of product, they would be able to cut spending, saving the company money (which would hopefully translate into cost savings for the consumers as well). Not only that but the practice of wrapping everything up is absolutely horrible for the environment. I recycle as much as I can in my household but I know that a lot of people can’t be bothered (that should be another MAM in and of itself). I know the answer is simple: just don’t buy those products. But here’s the thing: I love the products, I just hate the packaging.

What’s getting under your skin today?

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