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Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning (before & after pictures)

As you know, we recently got new living room furniture (you can find my post about it here) and so we wanted to do something about the condition of our carpet before the new set arrived. I’m almost embarrassed to post the before pictures of my own house from before we had our carpet professionally cleaned a couple of weeks ago but it happened and I accept that. Friends and family who saw the carpet at its worst: I am sorry. I promise we’re not slobs and we do care about how our house looks. It looks so much better now so please stop by and take a look. 🙂 We went back and forth on the prospect of replacing the carpet with a laminate “hardwood” flooring. Our carpet was in such deplorable condition that I was uncomfortable with the prospect of inviting new people over because I knew it looked bad. I honestly believed that it was past the point of no return but I wanted to give professional carpet cleaning and chance. When we saw a Groupon for three areas of environmentally safe carpet cleaning we knew that we weren’t ready to give up. Replacing the carpet is something that we’d like to do eventually but, for now, it’s not a requirement (which is so nice).

Putting these pictures up is like pulling off a band-aid, it hurts but I’ve got to get it done..so here we go with the before pictures:

Living room

Carpet Before


carpet before pictures

Master Bedroom

carpet before pictures

The carpet cleaning only took a little over an hour and a few hours to dry. You can still tell that we had some high traffic in our upstairs living room but the hallway looks significantly better and I’m really happy with the results. Take a look:

Carpet After*you may notice the entry way wall. I’m working on a project…more on that later.

carpet after photos

Carpet After Pictures

Carpet After Pictures

It’s a drastic difference. The guy who came to do our floors talked to me about the importance of getting carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months to make sure they stay nice. That, combined with regular vacuum cleaning should help us to keep our house looking better for a long time to come.

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