The Surprise

My husband had a big day on Friday (happy birthday, honey!) and I wanted to do something special to help him celebrate. So, I decided to throw a surprise party with a few friends. In case you’re searching for ideas for an upcoming event, I thought it might be nice to share how ours went down. I should mention that this was a little last-minute (having birthdays around Christmas can sometimes make planning a lot more difficult) and I probably could have tweaked the security company script a little better (I’ll get to it, don’t worry). All in all I think it went really, really well. The husband had no idea and the surprise was hysterical. Here’s what happened:

My husband was under the impression that we were going to meet some friends at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner…we weren’t. Instead, some of our friends came over for pizza, beer, and cupcakes. Pulling this off was a lot of fun but it absolutely would not have worked without the help of everyone who came. Here’s why…

Our friends that were “meeting” us for dinner were supposed to call when they were ready to leave their place. That call really came from the two friends who were waiting on our back porch as we left the house. I asked the husband to go ahead and bring our toddler down to the car, warm it up, and get her in her car seat while I grabbed a few things we would need for dinner. I was really letting them into the house and getting out a few of the things for the party, letting them know where they could find the balloons, and growing anxious with excitement.

We drove away while the rest of our guests parked down the street and came over to hide in our living room and wait (that sounds a lot more creepy than it actually was). I needed gas anyway, so it was the perfect excuse to still be relatively close to home in the 15 minute window we had before we would be heading back. I had a friend, who lives out-of-state and has never met my husband, call and pretend to be a representative from our security company calling about our front door alarm.

I thought that part of the plan would go off without a hitch…I was wrong. When the call came in, my husband was a little confused as to who would be calling from a blocked number (our security company always calls from their toll-free number) but I had assumed he wouldn’t think much of it. When the caller indicated they were from the security company, he wasn’t buying it. In fact, he wouldn’t give them any information and thought the call was highly suspect (which, of course, it was). It took some quick thinking to turn the situation around before my husband called our real security company or, worse, the police department.

I happen to keep the number for our security company in my phone and so I pretended to call them and verify what had happened. I reassured my husband that it was, indeed, them who had called and that they had dispatched the police department to meet us at our house for the alarm. Surprisingly, he still had no idea at that point. We turned around and headed back home. On the way, I called the friends who we were supposed to be meeting to let them know that we would be late (really to let them know that we were on our way).

When we got home, I went and checked the perimeter of the house for signs of a break in (which is exactly what I did the last time we had an alarm go off at home). When I got back to the car, I told my husband that it didn’t look like anyone had broken in but I was too nervous to go check the front door so I asked if he would. As I suspected, he obliged.

Our guests had left the door cracked open just enough so that it wasn’t noticeable from the street or the driveway. When my husband went to check the door, he pushed it open ever so slightly and heard a noise (our friend’s daughter) in the house. He booked it back to the car (we were parked on the street), got in the car, and said “someone is IN the house!”.  Trying to contain my laughter, I asked, “What?! What do you mean someone is in the house?”

“The door was open and I heard someone,” he exclaimed.

“Go back in there and see who it is,” I said.

“Hell no I’m not going back in there! We’re waiting for the police,” he replied.

“Just open the door and tell them that we’ve called the police and then come back to the car,” I requested.

“Absolutely not,” he yelled.

“Fine, I’ll go,” I replied.

“If one of us is going it, it’s going to be me,” he urged.

He went back up to the house, opened the front door, and yelled, “WHAT THE F***?!” as he saw his friends waiting for him at the top of the stairs.

“SURPRISE,” they yelled.

It was absolutely hysterical. My poor husband was a little shocked, flustered, and maybe just a little embarrassed but it worked and I guarantee it will be among the most memorable of his birthdays. I feel confident in saying that everyone who was a part of this event enjoyed playing their respective role and it was fun to plan a surprise he would never, ever expect.

As I stated before, it really wouldn’t have been possible without the help of everyone. Here’s the timeline of events from the night:

6:10pm: Friends show up on back porch, call to let me know.

6:15pm: We leave the house.

6:20pm: Friends who were picking up the pizza I ordered arrived.

6:20-6:30pm: Guests arrive.

6:30pm: Call comes in from security company, we head home.

6:40pm: The surprise happens.

Thank you to everyone who came over to help my husband celebrate his big day and thanks to my husband for being such a good sport even though it was a big prank. Honey, you don’t have to worry…I don’t think I will ever be able to top this surprise party. Unless, of course, I can think of something else. 😉

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