Toddle Along Tuesday: Favorite Gift

As you know, I’ve been participating in Growing Up Geeky’s Toddle Along Tuesdays. I am so excited to announce that next week (1/14/2013) I will be co-hosting TAT with Melissa. The topic will be “How I Met My Spouse” and I hope you will all consider joining me for that. In the meantime, this week we’re discussing favorite holiday gifts from this year. There are two items, in particular, that come to mind when I think of my favorite gifts from this holiday season and I can’t pick between them so I am going to talk about both.

Almond Cream Kitchenaid MixerI got a KitchenAid Mixer! Squee! We don’t usually do “big” gifts for holidays but my husband and his parents went in together for my birthday and Christmas to get me this beautiful unit. It was so incredibly generous of them and I love it. I love to bake and having a stand mixer makes life so much easier. I made some cupcakes with a vanilla coffee butter cream frosting for my husband’s surprise birthday party shortly after Christmas and it was a breeze. There are so many more recipes that I’m excited to try out including some for homemade bread. Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll be sharing!

You may remember to when I talked about my new living room set a while back…I talked about a blanket from Target that I really liked and planned to get. Well…..

Target Cable Knit Throw

I got it! I’m too lazy to go take a picture of my actual blanket (which is red) so you’ll have to settle with the white one. It is SO comfortable and soft. C has been trying to convince me since Christmas that it’s her blanket. I’ll share it with her but, at the end of the day, it’s mine all mine.

I trust that you all had a lovely holiday. What was your favorite gift this year?


7 thoughts on “Toddle Along Tuesday: Favorite Gift”

  1. I was going to say ‘White blanket with kids??? You are so brave!’ – then I read that you have a red one… 🙂 I can’t keep things white…
    I got a KA mixer for Christmas this year too! Out of our price range too, but my Mom got insurance money when Dad died this year, and so she splurged a little on Christmas this year. Bitter sweet, but it’s kind of like I got it from Dad too. Aren’t they FUN???

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