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Toddlerisms: Oh The Things They Say

It's An Ordinary Blog

I am constantly amazed by how much C learns and grows every day. She’s so smart…with that growing knowledge base comes what I fondly refer to as toddlerisms….those moments where your child unexpectedly says something that blows your mind. Like when C chases the dog with a diaper and says, “Come here Winnie! Diapee Winnie!” or when she goes down the stairs, pretending to leave, and says, “I love you Mommy! See you in a bit!” Or when I lay her down for a nap and she says, “Night night Mommy, see you later!” These moments are my favorite. Not only do they make me proud at how very quickly her language skills are developing but those are the moments I wish I could freeze in time and never, ever forget. Here are a few more, accompanied by pictures I took over the weekend of her painting.

It's An Ordinary Blog

C: ‘noxious!

Mommy: What?

C: Winnie ‘noxious! (Winnie is our dog)

Mommy: Are you saying that Winnie is obnoxious?

C: Yeah, ‘noxious!

It's An Ordinary Blog

C: *Cough, Cough

Daddy: C, are you okay?

C: Yeah, I’m fine.

It's An Ordinary Blog

Mommy: Alright, it’s time to go night night!


My favorite moment happened last week just after C gave me a hug she said, “Good girl, Mommy!”.

What are your little one’s best toddlerisms?

7 thoughts on “Toddlerisms: Oh The Things They Say”

  1. I love this. I have a 2 year old and some of the things he does and says crack me up on a daily (if not hourly) basis. I think my favorite is when my husband kisses me or I kiss him my son will say “no kiss mommy, no kiss”. And he comes running over to get the kisses for himself.

  2. During potty training with Claire I would “cheer” for her when she used the potty (I sometimes still do this for her)…well now when she accompanies ME to the potty she will cheer and clap and do all the things for me that I did/do for her! There’s nothing better than hearing her yell “YAY…Mommy, you put your pee pee in the POTTY!!!! Would you like a special treat now?” Um, yeah, sure…why not? 😉

  3. That is adorable! Clara is in a ‘see you later’ or ‘see you next week/time’ or ‘see you tomorrow’ stage too! I even caught her saying ‘see you next later!’ The other day.

    1. “See you next later!” My absolute favorite is when toddlers put words together that don’t really belong. It’s too cute. Also- love the name Clara!

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