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“My Heart Warrior” In Review

My Heart Warrior

You may remember a while back when I published a pre-post about “My Heart Warrior: Living with HLHS Through a Father’s Eyes“. Well…my copy of the book came in the mail (I ordered it through Amazon) and so I wanted to take a little bit of time today to discuss my thoughts on it. At just under 60 pages, it’s a really fast read but it’s also a book that you could easily take one step at a time depending on your preference.

I feel like I should mention that, because of my close relationship with the author, it is not possible for me to read this book from a detached and impersonal perspective. As I read each word, I could hear Mike’s voice telling me the story and I felt deeply touched having watched them go down this road with Aaron. My husband, C, and I had the opportunity to meet baby Aaron at Duke University Children’s Hospital in March when we went out to North Carolina for my brother’s wedding. He was such a stong, amazing little man and I know that his short life impacted everyone around him. Stories like this need to be shared.

All too often parents who are dealing with medical tragedies feel alone, isolated from the world, and unable to find peace. Even with the organizations that do their best to reach out to families, I feel like there could always be more support. There is comfort in community and knowing that you’re not alone when you find yourself faced with circumstances beyond your control.

Mike’s journey with Aaron conveys a message of strength and of love. It’s a deeply emotional telling of their experience together as a family and it’s something I think we can all benefit from hearing. It’s just as much about the roller coaster of medical issues that Aaron faced as it is about the ability to find some sort of peace in spite of it.

The book follows their path from before they discovered they were expecting baby Aaron, through the pregnancy (when they were told of Aaron’s condition), and into his life here on Earth. I admire both Mike and Gloria for their courage, strength, and their desire to share Aaron’s journey to help improve the lives of those around them.

For more information on this book or for more information about HLHS, please visit the My Heart Warrior website.

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