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I’m In Big, Big Trouble

Yesterday, I was getting a few things done around the house and allowing C to have some free time. I heard her say, “Bye bye Winnie (our dog)! See you later!”. I thought it was sweet, I love when she plays with the dog. A minute later, I heard her messing with my shoes by the front door. Okay, not a huge deal, right?! A minute or two passed and I didn’t hear much of anything and so I decided to go check on her. This is what I found:

Toddler Unlocking Door

Toddler Unlocking Front Door

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

Wait a second, what?! This toddler can unlock the front door. Crap. She can’t physically turn the handle to open the door…yet but still the prospect of my child unlocking a door that I assume is secure makes me nervous. I guess this means it’s time to baby proof the front door *sigh.

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