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It’s Just Pictures Series: The Toddler

I thought I would post some pictures I took yesterday evening of C. A little back story…I was making dinner and she climbed up onto the kitchen table and started drinking out of my water-glass. Instead of getting upset and making her get down right away, I embraced the moment. It isn’t often that she actually sits still long enough for me to snap some good pictures so I’ll take what I can get, know what I mean?!C will be two in less than a month, hard to believe time has gone by so quickly! Don’t you just wish it would slow down sometimes?!

On an unrelated note (before I forget)…I got special mail today from Nature Box, an awesome California-based company. I was contacted by them to do a review on their products and am so excited to share my thoughts with all of you (and to offer you a special surprise) so be on the lookout for that post the first week of February!

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

Its An Ordinary Blog

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