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Mad About It Mondays: Old Man Winter 2013

Mad About It Mondays

On Thursday, the Kansas City metro was hit with a massive (maybe not to some of you) snowstorm that unleashed nearly a foot of snow in the course of less than 24 hours. We’re slated to get another 8-15 inches (possibly as much as 20 inches) over night tonight. I love winter weather so it really doesn’t bother me all that much. What does bother me, though, and what I’m dedicating this week’s Mad About It Monday to, is the way that people behave when mother nature gives us a run for our money. Across Facebook on Thursday there were stories of people who had been stranded on the roads because their employers insisted that they risk their lives to go into work.

I can understand the importance of getting doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel to work regardless of weather conditions but for all non-essential jobs, is it really worth risking the lives of your associates for an extra dollar?! I have a friend who is pregnant and was stranded on the side of the highway because her employer told her she had to come in, even with dangerous road conditions. I think that’s incredibly irresponsible.

When I went to pick my mom up from the airport on Friday afternoon (she had flown in for C’s birthday weekend) I was shocked at the number of cars abandoned on the side of the road. It bothered me because I think people are more focused on that bottom dollar than the safety and well-being of their associates and their families.

There were so many places that did close their doors because the risks did not outweigh the potential benefits. I applaud those businesses for seeing the bigger picture. With the major snowstorm headed our way tonight, I want to encourage people in my area to stay at home if they’re able. There is very little worth risking life and limb over so if you don’t have to go out, stay in.

Now onto something that doesn’t make me mad…some pictures I took last week of C playing in the snow:

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It's An Ordinary Blog- Copyright

It's An Ordinary Blog- Copyright

It's An Ordinary Blog - Copyright

It's An Ordinary Blog - Copyright

It's An Ordinary Blog - Copyright

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