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Our 2 Year Wellness Visit (with Stats)

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When I was pregnant back in 2010, I knew I wanted to find a pediatrician that both my husband and I were comfortable around and who we could connect with for answering questions, getting advice, and trusted with our child’s health. At the suggestion of several of our friends, we found the perfect pediatrician within a stone’s throw from our home. Aside from my OB doctor (who is the absolute best, I should add), C’s pediatrician was just incredible. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and we found out over the summer that our beloved pediatrician was planning to retire and sell his practice to another doctor.

What were we supposed to do then?! Thankfully we really like and trust both of the pediatric nurse practitioner who remained in the office after C’s doctor left. That is, until one of the two abruptly left the practice a few weeks ago. C’s two-year check up was rescheduled as a result with the new Pediatrician, whom we had never met. I was apprehensive because a couple of the friends we have that take their children to the same office didn’t really care for this new doctor as much as they’d cared for either the old pediatrician or the nurse practitioner who left. At the end of the day, I really wanted to see how comfortable we felt with her before making the decision to move to a new office. I’m glad I did…

C’s wellness check was last Friday and it really could not have gone better. We adore her new doctor. C feels really comfortable around her, I’m very comfortable talking to her and so we’ll stay, gladly. Now onto the information that I know you’re all waiting for….the stats.

At 33 inches tall, C is slated to be average height as an adult. They say that a human being doubles their height from age two to adulthood. At that rate, C will likely be about 5’6″ when she grows up. This is pretty odd considering that both my husband and I are relatively tall (6’1″ and 5’9″ respectively). This puts her in the 25th percentile for her age. She’s so tiny!

She landed in the 50th percentile for her weight, coming in at exactly 27 pounds. The doctor was happy with her stats and her overall diet. I did ask about giving her Coconut Milk rather than cow’s milk (because I don’t drink cow’s milk) and she had some hesitations about that. She mentioned that, so long as C had no nut allergies, that she’d rather we give her Almond Milk instead (if we didn’t want to do cow’s milk). Not really sure about the logic behind that but I trust that she knows more about childhood nutrition than I do.

The other thing that I was surprised by is that they begin to monitor BMI at age two. *Sigh* While I think that BMI is a little bit outdated (since it doesn’t take into account your actual body mass index with muscle mass), it’s not really something that is going to change. Because C is so short, she has a 17.5% BMI and is at the 75th percentile for that. It’s definitely still healthy, which is great, but I found it surprising that they start tracking that at such an early age.

Developmentally and physically she is doing really great which is just music to our ears. Now that we’ve gotten her birthday festivities and wellness check out of the way we can start potty training and then transform her nursery into a ‘big girl room’. Exciting times are ahead for this family…

5 thoughts on “Our 2 Year Wellness Visit (with Stats)”

  1. Oh, wow, they did BMI already?? Maybe because Mango is so small, that never came up at his appointment.

    Did she give a reason for the almond vs. coconut milk advice? I’d do some research on that if you’re really interested in cutting out cow’s milk.

    1. She did not but it wasn’t like we were having a ‘serious’ conversation about it. I briefly asked her, because I don’t drink cow’s milk, what she thought about the possibility of switching C from it to either Almond or Coconut milk. I immediately followed it up by saying that I didn’t have a problem giving C cow’s milk, just that I thought it might be easier than buying so many seperate things in the house.

      I was surprised they already started tracking BMI. I wonder if they do it differently in different states?

  2. I’m glad you found a good fit for a pediatrician! That can be quite the pain. I’m considering switching too because it is such a hassle to actually be seen.

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