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Let’s Talk About Date Nights…

Let’s face it, being the parent of a toddler can be tough and not having a lot of downtime can start to strain a relationship over time. For that reason, it’s so important to spend some quality, alone time, with your significant other on a reasonably regular basis. I am the stay at home mom of a two-year old and my husband works full-time outside the home. Because we’re a single income household, it’s hard to try to hire a sitter every weekend and get out on a date. Given the fact that quality childcare providers charge and arm and a leg (not that I blame them, because I don’t) per hour, it’s almost impossible to have dinner and a movie without breaking the bank. My husband and I are so, so fortunate to have some incredible people in our lives that like having our daughter over to play for a few hours every now and then. We generally get to go out on a date once every month or two (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less). One of our friends graciously offered to watch C for a few hours on Sunday so that my husband and I could get out for a little while. We hadn’t been out on a date since early January and we desperately needed it. I wanted to share our evening with you. We saved a lot of money and had a wonderful night. Hopefully this post will inspire you to enjoy your own date night sometime soon.

We knew that we wanted to go see a movie and it came down between Silver Linings Playbook and Oz The Great and Powerful. Since this was opening weekend for one of our two choices we opted for Silver Linings Playbook. Neither my husband nor I are big on large crowds and so we figured that might be a safer bet so that we didn’t have to sit in a theater crammed full of people. We purchased our AMC tickets at Costco for $16 total (though we could have gone with “Silver” passes instead of “Gold” for a few extra dollars in savings). Movie tickets in our area are usually ten dollars a piece so that saved us $4 (enough for some Starbucks!).


The movie wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be but I really enjoyed it so if you’re looking for something to watch in theaters, it gets my seal of approval.

We went to an early movie and decided to do dinner afterwards. We’d gotten a Groupon gift card through some rewards points we had and saw a Groupon for Hereford House, a local restaurant that has steaks, lamb, and other yummy dinner options. The Groupon was $20 for $40 in dining at the restaurant. We paid $5 out of pocket for the Groupon and knew we would likely have to cover the rest of the bill (you can almost certainly expect to pay more than $40 for a dinner for two there) while we were there. I think we ended up paying an additional $30 including tax and gratuity on top of what our Groupon was able to offset.

All in all our fabulous date night cost us around $51 out of pocket. Without utilizing the Costco AMC movie discounts and our Groupon, we would have paid almost $100 for dinner and a movie. My point in all of this is that no matter what your budget is, having an amazing date night every once in a while is important and it can be as inexpensive as you’d like it to be if you’re willing to look for great deals. We’re so incredibly thankful for our friends who are so willing to let us get a few hours away every once in a while…because, as any parent will tell you, it’s so important for your marriage.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Date Nights…”

  1. Great to hear that along with being a great mother you are making your marriage a priority. I think many people forget to do that without even realizing! When I moved to Portland (away from all my friends & family) I made boyfriend promise that we would have a dress up date night each month! Even though you live side by side everyday, getting out just the two of you is so important. We have look forward to each one! I’m hoping that this patten will continue in the future when we have children 😉 We always use groupon. Along with saving money…you can also try new places!

    1. Definitely! The husband found a Groupon for a sushi place nearby that we hadn’t heard of so I think that’s in our future! Hope you’re enjoying life in Portlandia!

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