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Toddlerisms: The Terrific (But Sometimes Terrible) Twos!


Life is never dull with a toddler… Ever.

Now that we’re officially in the Terrific (sometimes terrible) Twos, I thought it might be nice to share some more of C’s  more recent toddlerisms. If you missed my last couple of these posts, feel free to catch up: S%&* Happens  and Oh, The Things They Say!. I love that my daughter is able to clearly articulate her wants and needs with us but there are times where I am shocked by the things that come out of her mouth.

When they say that toddlers are mirrors of their parents, they aren’t joking. Sometimes this works out to my advantage and other times it works out to my embarrassment. Lately it’s been more of the former (thank god). To illustrate what I mean, let me tell you about my daughter’s relationship with a doll that she got for Christmas.

Little Mommy Princess and the Potty Doll I’m using a stock photo because my daughter has decided that her doll doesn’t deserve to wear clothing…

Shortly after she opened her new Princess and the Potty doll, we sat down together as a family for the all important task of naming her new baby.  We asked her what her new baby’s name was and she proudly said, “Pee Pee!” We asked her again just to make sure that was actually her name…sure enough our two-year old went with the most logical name she could think of for a potty doll. Fair enough.

Her relationship with PP is adorable. She’s taken the role of “parenting” PP very seriously and it’s a good way for me to observe how my daughter views me as a mother. Some days it’s great…like the day when she told PP that she was proud of her or the times that she gives PP hugs and kisses before laying her down for a nap. Other times it serves as an eye opener for things I need to improve on. She yelled at PP and sat her in time out for not listening the other day. It was sweet but the tone she used with the doll, “NO NO PP! NO! You sit in time out! Not listen!” made me wonder if maybe I’m too hard on my own child. There are days (as I’m sure any parent can very well imagine) that I second guess my strategy when it comes to discipline.

Then come the most incredible, hilarious moments when you see what her view of the world is really about. Like when she chases the dog with a diaper yelling, “Come here Winnie!” or when she calls up her friends on an old, broken cell phone, or the time last week when I was away from the house for a few hours. Apparently, C held her hand to her ear like a pretend phone and said, “Hi, mommy! How are you? Good! I eat waffle! Love you! See you in a bit! Bye!” Her view of the world is a happy one where distance doesn’t define a relationship, where dogs are a lot like people, and where her friends are always with her. It’s one I enjoy watching.

What are your favorite “toddlerisms”?

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