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My Toddler Loves The Water (And I Don’t Blame Her)

From swimming to bath time my two-year old daughter is obsessed with the water. This isn’t shocking at all to me as a mother because I was the same way when I was a little girl. Since my husband is generally the one who facilitates C’s bedtime routine (he works during the day so they spend time together every evening) I don’t often get to experience the joys of bath time with my daughter. Every so often my husband has work responsibilities that leave him unavailable in the evenings. This week was one of those weeks.

I remember bath time as a little girl. I thought that tub was huge and it could easily turn into a swimming pool or a deep, vast sea with just a flicker of imagination. I’d almost forgotten how it felt in those moments until I saw it through my daughter’s eyes. She was so excited for bath time, the opportunity to go “swimming”, to create waves, and to just enjoy the warm water before bedtime.

As the memories from my own childhood came flooding back to me, I quickly grabbed the camera (don’t worry, it was in the next room over and only took me a couple of seconds to get) and decided to snap some pictures for the scrapbook. I want C to be able to look back on these someday and remember her love for the water as she grows. Take a look:

Toddler Bath Time

Toddler Bath

Toddler Water


Toddlers Love Water

Two Year Old Bath Time

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