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Toddlerisms: I Need A Glass Of Wine

What do a tampon, a hot dog, and a glass of wine have in common?!

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The other day, when I was in the bathroom, C picked up a tampon (unused, in the wrapper). Not wanting to make a huge deal out of it, I let her play with it and we moved on…Fast forward a couple of hours:

As I was preparing food in the kitchen, my two year old daughter came up and asked me for a hot dog. She’d just enjoyed a snack an hour before so I told her that she would need to wait until dinner before she could have anything else. Then she told me she needed the hot dog (as if that would make a difference). So I said to her, “Ohhh! You NEED a hot dog?! Well…Mommy needs a glass of wine.” She smiled, repeated what I said, and left the room.

About a minute later she came back, handed me the tampon, and said, “Here you go, Mommy!”

So apparently my child thinks that the times when I need a glass of wine are also the times that I need a tampon.


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