Why, Yes. We Did Have An Arrested Development Watch Party!


Every once in a while you come across a television show or movie that is absolutely up your alley. For me, that is Arrested Development. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that Netflix planned to release the long anticipated fourth season this Spring. We knew, as soon as the official announcement was made, that we were going to host a watch party. Why?! Why not?!

Arrested Development Watch Party

Together with a few good friends, we plowed through the first eight or so episodes of season 4 and are planning to finish the marathon over the weekend. Who needs sleep, right?!  In preparation, I attempted to make frozen bananas (.10 cents gets you nuts). I was out of wax paper. “No big deal,” I said to myself, “I’ll just put them on a plate, right?!” Wrong. In case you’re as much of an idiot as I am (let’s hope you’re not) learn from my mistake: Chocolate covered anything will not easily come off of a plate. By “not easily” I mean not at all. I found myself saying, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” I threw in some Pop Secret and a few other snacks and we were good to go.

If there’s ever an Arrested Development movie that’s released…we’re going to do something extra special in its honor.

Arrested Development Watch Party

I’m curious…what’s your favorite show?!

Arrested Development Hey Brother

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