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Happy Father’s Day!

Father and Daughter walking on beach

Happy Father’s Day!

We’ve had such a busy week that I’m just now playing catch up. The early part of the week was spent down in rural Kansas visiting my dad and the latter part of the week was spent enjoying some time with a good friend of mine who was visiting from out of state. I feel guilty that I haven’t posted but I promise that I’ve got a lot coming down the pipe for next week including a review for a mail order coffee company called eKoffee (and it’s so good!) and a giveaway from Keira’s Kollection.

I spent a lot of time this year thinking about Father’s Day. You might remember my top pick for Father’s Day 2013, a gift for dad from Man Crates, so I wanted to talk today about the greatest gift of all…The older I get, the more I realize that of all the gifts in the world that you can offer someone, the greatest one is the gift of your time, energy, and love. I think that’s why I enjoyed my time with my own dad earlier this week. Unlike material objects that can be replaced if lost or broken, time is something that we can’t ever get back and the time we spend with our loved ones is what creates those memories we carry with us throughout our lives. I could go on (and on and on) about how important I think family moments are but I think you probably get the gist so I want to close with a few little notes.

To My Husband:  

I don’t possess words that are eloquent enough to fully express how incredibly grateful I feel for your partnership in parenting. Not only are you a hard working individual in your work life but you’re also a rock star at home. The energy and devotion you have to C and I is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever known and we love you so much for it. You’re patient, kind, compassionate, and loving. The qualities you naturally possesses are ones that I believe will help to shape and steer our daughter to do great things in her life. You’re my partner for life, a rock star Dad, and an all around great human being. 

To My Father: 

One of the things I love most about my relationship with you is the fact that we’re not only father and daughter, but we’re also friends. Watching my own daughter’s eyes light up the room when she sees you or talks to you on the phone warms my heart more than you’ll ever know. I’m thankful for your presence in our lives and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

To All Dads Out There: 

Fatherhood is such an incredible responsibility and gift. It’s the opportunity to help create a better future and to teach another human being those important lessons in life like trust, what it means to be a family, and unconditional love. I hope not a day goes by that you don’t stop to see that spark in your child’s eye when you walk through the door after work, or pick them up for a hug. I hope this day has been special for you, in some way or another. 

Happy Father’s Day

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