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EKoffee In Review (Plus A Small Gift For You!)


I recently had the opportunity to sample some products from eKoffee, an online coffee delivery shop, that offers the ability to purchase fresh coffee from a variety of artisan roasters from the convenience of your own home. When it comes to hot beverages, I am well documented as a creature of habit. So, while I love coffee, it’s not that often that I try out a new brand. I happened across eKoffee on Twitter when I “favorited” a picture of one of their mugs (I am a sucker for a cute mug). Jason, founder, coffee guru, and avid Tweeter (or is it Twitterer? I can never remember.) sent me a message asking if I would be interested in doing a product review. After taking a quick peek at their website, I knew my answer would be “yes”. In case you haven’t been yet, their site is really well laid out and easy to navigate, which is always a bonus when you plan to do a lot of ordering online. More than that, I was excited at the prospect of branching out from my usual name brand coffee and to support a small and growing business.

eKoffee, as any coffee aficionado should, places a great deal of emphasis on freshness.  They offer small-batch artisan coffee that’s roasted immediately before shipping in order to guarantee that the coffee you receive is fresh.  One of the bags that I received was roasted only four days before it arrived at my doorstep. I cannot imagine something bought in a store delivering that kind of freshness. The assortment that the site offers is also impressive. They have coffee from some of the best roasters all available in one location. The selection on the site are organized either by roast (light, medium, etc), country of origin, type (regular, decaf, expresso, flavored), or by individual roaster. So, whatever it is that drives your coffee purchasing decision, eKoffee will quickly navigate you to your perfect choice.


The first coffee that I tried was Organic Honduran Marcala from Golden Hills Coffee. I like that this was fair trade certified and it tasted great.  Their website mentions milk chocolate, honey and green tea notes and while they are there, they are subtle enough to not be distracting.  I do not generally take my coffee black (I know this likely discredits me with hardcore coffee enthusiasts) but I did have this coffee black with some Tiramasu and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was full-flavored, but smooth and mild enough (and without any of the burnt notes that plague so many national brand coffees) that I was not missing my cream and sugar.

Small-Batch Artisan Coffee

The second coffee that I tried was called Good ‘Ol French Vanilla.  A medium Brazilian roast, with a wonderful natural tasting vanilla flavor.  I had this with just a little bit of milk and sugar with breakfast and it was fantastic. The flavor was subtle, delicious, and a great morning beverage.

Ginger Mango Tea

I also received some Ginger Mango tea that I am really excited about, but have not yet tried as I am waiting on my tea infuser to come through Amazon. I am planning to write a follow up post with my thoughts on the Ginger Mango tea in the coming weeks. Overall, I really like for their emphasis on freshness and value. It is important, as a consumer, to find a companies with priorities that mirror your own and eKoffee definitely hits the mark for me.

eKoffee Review

The company has graciously offered each of you a 10% discount on all orders placed before June 30th. Just use the code: ORDINARYBLOG during checkout and make sure to stop back by here and let me know what you thought.

Disclaimer: I received eKoffee products (coffee, tea, and a mug) for free in exchange for my review and am under no obligation to write a positive review. My expressed thoughts are uniquely my own.

Please feel free to email me anytime with questions. 

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