The Funky Mommy

As you may have noticed, I’ve been ignoring my blog lately. Not only that but I’ve also been less active on my personal social media accounts, haven’t been interested in keeping up with what’s going on around the world (something happened in Egypt, right?!) and I’ve been in somewhat of a funk. The worst part of is that I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s caused this. It’s not that I’ve been depressed or that anything in particular has happened because neither of those are the case.

I feel like my life is at a crossroads. I’m approaching 30, have a toddler who will inevitably start to ask questions about life in the near future, and I have no definitive answers to give her. I feel lost. I feel confused. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m going through a bit of an existential crisis. I watched a Ted Talk the other night about the importance of being a twenty-something and it really rang true. So much of my life, especially in terms of how I view the World, has changed over the last seven years. Now I feel like I’m in a defining moment. I need to figure out who I am, what I stand for, and what kind of legacy I want to start working on to leave behind one day down the road (hopefully a legacy I’ll have another 60 or 70 years to work on).

I’m certain I’m not the only person, or parent, who has ever struggled with this issue (What do I believe? How do I convey that to my child as she grows?)  and you’d think I would have this figured out by now. As I work towards getting out of this funk I’m in, I’ll keep you guys updated. I’m committed to getting back into the swing of things in terms of my blog and keeping up with it but I also felt that it was important (and necessary) to explain why I’ve been MIA lately.

Until next time…

1 thought on “The Funky Mommy”

  1. I was in my late twenties when I quit my job and went back to school to become a teacher. I had the same feelings as you do now (what do I believe in? How am I living those beliefs? What mark do I make on the world?) and while making the change was terrifying, I am eternally grateful to my husband and myself that we decided to take the leap then instead of waiting and regretting it later. ((hug)) Good luck on your journey I feel confident you will figure it out.

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