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Historic Corydon, Indiana Series! (With Pictures!)

Corydon, Indiana

My husband, two year old daughter, and I recently made the nearly 500 mile journey from our home in Kansas City to beautiful Corydon, Indiana. You might be thinking that a small town near the Indiana / Kentucky border makes for a unique travel destination and you might be wondering what brought us there in the first place… Corydon happens to be a great almost-half way point between where we live in the central Midwest and where my husband’s parents and grandparents live back East. Within a stone’s throw from Louisville, Kentucky (about a half hour drive), it’s the ideal setting for a laid back, relaxed time in a small town atmosphere.

Corydon has a lot to offer both residents and visitors alike and their downtown area is a beautiful setting for history buffs who want to learn about Indiana’s first state capitol. During this series, I will be featuring some of the things I enjoyed most about our stay in Corydon but I encourage you to check it out for yourself. You can find more information about the town, their vibrant history, and what they have to offer by checking out their website: This Is Indiana. For now, I want to share a few of the pictures I snapped while we were there. If you’d like to use these photos for any reason, please email me first: Enjoy!

Butt Drugs Corydon Indiana

Feeding right into my sense of humor (which isn’t unlike that of a 13 year old boy), I couldn’t help but snap a photo of Corydon’s famous “Butt Drugs”.

Public Library Clock Indianas First Capitol Indiana Capitol Fredericks Cafe First State Capitol Corydon, Indiana Corydon Indiana Corydon Indiana Corydon Indiana Corydon Indiana Corydon Indiana Corydon Indiana Corydon Indiana Butt Drugs

I can’t wait to highlight some of my favorite moments from the trip including our dining experience at a unique gastropub in Corydon, a fantastic ice cream shop in the area, and our visit with the Louisville Bats. Stay tuned!

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