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Happy Birthday, It’s An Ordinary Blog! (Come In, Come In!)

Unless you’ve been following my blog from the start, you may not realize that It’s An Ordinary Blog turns 1 TODAY!

It's An Ordinary Blog Turns One

On October 4, 2012, I published my first ever post on It’s An Ordinary Blog. In case you missed it (which I assume applies to 99.99% of you), you can re-visit the post here: A Weighty Issue, What Makes a Role Model? Looking back on my year, I feel incredibly humbled. With just a few readers (mostly family…okay, pretty much just my husband and mother) and a whole lot of ideas, I started on this journey. Even though I’m still working to develop who I am as both a blogger and an individual, I feel that I’ve come into my own as a writer. I love having a place to share my adventures in parenting and in life with all of you. Even more than that, I feel blessed beyond measure that there are people out there who are even remotely interested in reading what I have to say. This day is so meaningful to me in so many ways but mostly because I’m grateful for my readers.  Let’s take a look at this past year:

It's An Ordinary Blog Goes On Vacation

We took an incredible trip back East and stayed in Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Downtown Disney

We spent some time in Downtown Disney.

Door Jammer Giveaway

I hosted my first giveaway from Bumblefly~N~Butterbees!

personalized birthday gift

I shared about meaningful gift giving.

Toddler Visits Santa

My daughter hated Santa.

It's An Ordinary Blog

I hosted a baby shower…

Classic Pooh Diaper Cake

Or two.

It's An Ordinary Blog - Copyright

We played in the snow.

Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party Table

We celebrated C’s 2nd birthday!

It's An Ordinary Blog

We celebrated Spring.

Stuffed Pepper Recipe In The Oven

We ate some food…

Johnson Family Farms

And spent some time on a farm.

Guest Room

We re-did our guestroom for less than $15.

Corydon Indiana

We traveled to Corydon, Indiana

Succulent Sundays

And enjoyed some comforts of home.

It's An Ordinary Blog

Most importantly, we had the wonderful opportunity to share all of our experiences with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey. Words cannot express how immeasurably thankful I am for this blog and can’t wait to continue sharing with you in the coming years. To you, to me, to It’s An Ordinary Blog…Happy Birthday!

Warmly yours,

Holli Ann

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