I went to MommyConKC!

On somewhat of a whim, I had the opportunity to attend this year’s MommyConKC conference at the Overland Park Convention Center. I went later in the afternoon so I can’t speak much to the actual conference aspect of this year’s MommyCon but I would encourage anyone interested in natural, attachment parenting to check and see if there’s a conference in your area in 2014. I think anytime you’re able to get a group of like minded parents together in a room to share and learn together, you can call it a win. It seems like there were a lot of topics covered from baby wearing to car seat safety (and a lot in between). I was impressed with the amount of great vendors that attended this year’s event. Take a peek at some of the great stuff available at this year’s event:


Each participant was given a MommyCon swag bag, which had some great goodies (a bottle, cookies, a pacifier, and a few other odds and ends), a keepsake wrist band, and the opportunity to learn more about natural parenting.

Wooly Bottoms

I transitioned C from disposable diapers to pocket (cloth) diapers right around her first birthday and I wish I’d done it sooner (better late than never, though, right?!) and the thing I loved the most about MommyCon was the abundance of information about using cloth diapers at home. Most of the vendors they had offered cloth diapers. I really loved all of the great patterns from Sloomb (and plan to use them if C ever has a sibling one day). Take a look at how cute these are:

Sloomb Sustainability

Sloomb’s great product line doesn’t end with their amazing cloth diapers, though, they’ve got a lot of other great natural items, too (seriously, Sloomb, I love you).


Itsy Bitsy Bums, which is a store local to me in Kansas City, had a great booth with lots of fun little gadgets and great parenting gear. If you’re in the metro area, check them out!

Itsy Bitsy Bumbs

Happy Family was also on hand with some really delicious, organic treats for the parents kiddos.

Happy Farms

Overall, I liked what I saw enough to be interested in attending next year (if they come back to Kansas City again). If you’re interested in attending a MommyCon event in your area, check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on all of their events.

adorable cloth diapers

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