Happy Halloween from It’s An Ordinary Blog!

Happy Halloween, Everyone! 

toddlers trick or treating

Carved Pumpkins | Crisp Autumn Air | Trick Or Treating

One night per year all of the little superheroes, monsters, witches, wizards, and princesses wander the streets making their way from house to house demanding (or asking politely for) sweets from the masses. Oh, Halloween. This year marked the first year that my two and a half year old was able to fully appreciate the fun that Halloween brings to millions of families across the country. You might remember that she was going dressed as a Little Dragon (you can see better pictures of her costume here) and it was so exciting to watch her and share in her excitement for the holiday. We met up with some of our friends (who also happen to be our neighbors) so the kids could go trick or treating. Take a look:

Halloween pictures

trick or treating

kids trick or treating

Trick or treating pictures halloween

C was bursting with excitement. One of the biggest hurdles I think we all face (we meaning parents of young toddlers) is teaching them appropriate boundaries. C was so enthusiastic that she started to head into almost every house that we trick or treated at (we went around our block). Other than that, her first experience was pretty great. Originally, I had the thought that we would allow her to keep only 10 pieces of her Halloween candy (we try not to do too many sweets with her) but we’ve settled on one piece per night until the candy is gone, which seems to be working well for our family.

It's An Ordinary Blog Halloween

So tell me, how was your Halloween?!

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