All Of The Food: Waffle Iron Style (Brought To You By The Food Network)


I recently came across this blog post outlining 12 surprising foods you can make in a waffle iron. I don’t own a waffle iron but looking at all of the incredible things you can do with one makes me want to have one (hint hint to any companies who just happen to stumble across this and want to send one for review ;)). You can find all twelve of Food Network’s ideas by following the aforementioned link (aptly titled “this blog post”) but I wanted to share the recipe for what I thought was the most interesting of the gang.


Waffled Tomato Grilled Cheese

Stop it now. Is that not one of the most mouth watering uses of a waffle iron?! I am salivating (literally, don’t judge me) just looking at the picture. Go take a look at this incredible recipe: Tomato Grilled Cheese a la Waffle Iron.

Now who wants to invite me over for dinner?! 😉

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