Finding Hope In Humanity

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about myself…one that I generally don’t share with others.  I don’t watch the news.   To be fair, I’m not a cable subscriber and don’t watch a significant about of television but the only time I really pay attention to my local news is when there’s a weather related emergency that I need to know about.  I stopped watching the reports of shootings, and stabbings, and horrible atrocities that left me with little more than a lost sense of faith in humanity.   It’s easy to lose faith in others when we’re constantly faced with stories about the horrible no good things happening all around us. But every once in a while we see stories like this:


Totally amazing.  I’ve been following this story since I first heard about plans to transform San Fransisco into Gotham City earlier this month and I cry every time I hear more details surrounding this beautiful story. Hearing about the thousands of people who participated in a special day for a child they’ve never met completely restores my faith in humanity.  The kindness for the sake of kindness and the love for others is incredible.

As we approach the holiday season, I encourage you all to do something for someone you don’t know…for no other reason other than to make their day just a little bit brighter.  Who knows…maybe, just maybe, random acts of kindness can save the world.

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