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New Year: New You (January 2014 Goals + An Update)

Happy Friday (It is Friday, right?!) Everyone!

I don’t even know what day it is (half kidding). I haven’t written anything since Christmas (hangs my head in shame) and have been asleep more than I’ve been awake since New Year’s Eve. I came down with something nasty (Sars? H1N1? Head Cold? Death?) pretty early on the night before New Year’s Eve and it’s been kicking my butt since. But I owe you guys a post, so here I am! Happy New Year!

I’ll play catch up later and bore you guys with all of the details about our Christmas, how we celebrated with Santa, and reflections on parenting a toddler around the holidays (better late than never, am I right?) but, for now, I want to chat about the new year. You might remember from last year that I’m not a resolution type of girl. This year, however, I want to try something a little bit different. No, I’m not going to suddenly make New Year’s Resolutions, but I want to try to form some new habits each month that are good for my health (emotional, physical, etc).

You can expect a lot of new ideas and posts from me in 2014 (get excited!) but I want to kick January off with a goal that I’ve made in the past but never followed through on. Water. There are so many reasons why drinking water is beneficial for your health (helps to keep you hydrated, maintains healthy skin, etc…) and I’ve never been good at follow through when it comes to hydrating my body. I’ll go into more details later on in the month about what I’m doing to drink more water and the progress that I’m making to be healthier this year but, in the meantime, I want to introduce you to some friends of mine.

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ve probably seen these first two ladies from time to time. Allow me to introduce my good friend Sarah over at The House of Boys & A Girl and my dear friend Heidi over at The Pajama Mama. Together with our friend Kate (who is an amazing Financial Wellness Coach), the four of us will be bringing you new ideas each month on how you can be better in our new series “New Year: New You”. Even though we’ll all be focusing on different things each month, the premise is still the same: One new, lasting change each month in 2014. Want to follow along?! Join us in making better choices this year and let me know how it’s going by connecting with me on Facebook and on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “New Year: New You (January 2014 Goals + An Update)”

    1. My problem is that I simply don’t drink enough of anything. I drink iced tea and water but my liquid intake has been horrific. They (who are they anyway?!) say that you’re supposed to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. In 2013, I averaged maybe 24 ounces a day, about 80 less than I should be drinking. It’s shameful that I allow myself to be constantly dehydrated. No more. What are your goals for 2014, Mike?

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