Our DisneySide Celebration!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (or if you know me in real life), you’re probably aware of this already but my sweet, loving daughter recently turned into a three year old. Coincidentally, I was also recently given the opportunity to host a Disney Side At Home Celebration for friends and family. Even though we hosted a Disney themed birthday last year, we decided it would be perfect to show our Disney Side while celebrating C’s birthday.

Disney, along with a few other partners, teamed up to provide some incredible decorations, activities, and take away items for our guests. Take a look at what they sent over:

American Tourister

Everything came in this great American Tourister (the official luggage of Walt Disney World). This luggage is pretty fantastic. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and will undoubtedly be perfect for our next trip.

American Tourister

Hanes TShirts

The first item that was included in our hostess packet was this pack of children’s shirts and fabric markers, provided by Hanes. These were an excellent addition to our party. The children had the opportunity to decorate (and then wear) their own shirts and show their Disney side. My daughter wears hers as a smock for artwork. It’s pretty fantastic.


Disney Decorations

Disney also provided wonderful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse partyware and decorations.

mickey mouse

Combined with the colorful inflated balloons we added around the house, these decorations helped our guests show their Disney side.

Disney Side At Home Celebration

Other items included stickers, temporary tattoos, ESPN Sports bracelets, a Disney planning DVD, recipe cards and measuring cups for ABC’s “The Chew”, face painting tutorials, Muppets calendars, Crasins, and some fantastic cookie cutters most of which were used as favors in each guest’s treat bag.


Speaking of party favors, I encountered some great finds while shopping my local Target. They had tons of Disney, Disney Junior, and Star Wars (which is also now owned by Disney, like everything else in the World ;)) goodies for children marked at only $1 a piece.

Disney Water Bottles

Treat Bags

Favor Bags

Also included in our Disney Side kit (and not pictured) were Run Disney cards which we used as placemats for each child, bumper stickers, HP Photo card packs, and a beautiful 8×10 “So This Is Love” Minnie and Mickey art which went home with each guest.

Our primary focus during the event was to help our daughter and her friends celebrate her special occasion so most of our pictures have other children on them. In the interest of respecting the privacy of our friends and their children, I have not included them on this post. If you’re following me on Instagram, however, you can see more pictures from the party.

We were so honored and thrilled to have been selected to show our Disney Side and encourage you to do the same with your friends and family. Disney is such a special part of our lives and it’s always fun when we have the chance to celebrate with Mickey, Minnie, and all of the other characters that are so wonderful.

*Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge in exchange for hosting a Disney Side at home celebration. All expressed opinions are uniquely my own. Questions about this post, or any product reviews contained herein can be sent to itsanordinaryblog@gmail.com.

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