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Mad About It Monday: Commercials We Know & Hate


Hello, friends and happy Monday! It’s been a while (longer than I’d care to admit) since my last “Mad About It Monday” post so I thought I’d jump right back in with a list of my top five favorite commercials to HATE. We don’t watch a lot of television in our household but we do take the time to catch up with our favorite programs on HuluPlus after the child goes to bed each night. Hulu provides us with the opportunity to see a whole slue of no good, just plain awful commercials that I cringe at the very thought of. I’ve compiled a list of five of the worst commercials we all know and hate and encourage you to share yours in the comments.

#5- Chase Freedom “At The Pumps”

At first glance, most viewers wouldn’t think anything of this seemingly innocent commercial but if you pay attention, at about four seconds in, you see something terrifying.  Here we have this woman, at the station, pumping gas while her car keys are in the ignition and the car is on. Really?! Don’t they specifically WARN you against keeping your keys in the ignition while pumping gas? Let me save you the trouble of looking it up, yes. Yes they do. Now, logically, I know that there’s a very minimal risk of a spark from your car being on causing the gas pump to blow up while you’re pumping but, why even risk it?!  Is it really that hard to turn off your car for three minutes while you fill up the tank?  I mean honestly, I’m surprised she wasn’t also smoking and spraying gas everywhere in the commercial. What a dummy.

#4- Disney Side “Lion King”

Dear Grandpa,

No. You narcissistic tool bag. You just can’t resist ruining the moment, can you?! Congratulations, you’re officially uninvited to our upcoming family Disney trip because we can’t trust you to behave yourself. What’s next, will you photo-bomb the pictures of complete strangers and tackle your favorite characters, shoving small children out of the way to get to them? Nice. Not. That set you just ruined, by the way, took a PTA mom hours to put together and now the kids can’t finish the play that they’ve spent months preparing for because you’re a life ruiner, Grandpa. You jerk.

#3- Geico Commercials (All of them)

Dear Geico,

No. Just no. Please stop. For the love of all that is holy, knock that crap off. That is all.

#2- Learn To Be 

Hi Melissa, it’s called Google. Or your parents. Or a teacher. Or your math book. Or anyone else other than this really creepy math tutor that you randomly happened to find on the internet. Aren’t you the slightest bit worried that an adult is weirdly smiling at you over the webcam after reciting the definition of something you could have very easily found on your own? Haven’t your parents taught you about the dangers of using video chat with complete strangers? I guess not because they clearly aren’t available to help you with your easy geometry homework, either. Hold on, don’t go anywhere. Okay, I’m back. I just did a search for “How do you find the area of a triangle?” and more than 86.8 million results popped up. I did this without giving a possible predator the layout of my home. You’re welcome.

#1- AllState Check 

Who just inserts themselves into someone’s check battle at a restaurant? I mean, honestly. How the hell does he even know that she saved money on insurance? That is CLEARLY grounds for a restraining order. Oh, and here’s a tip for YOU, Dennis Haysbert, nobody cares that you were once on the show “24” over ten years ago. And no, you are not, in fact, responsible for a black person becoming president.



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