Hippity Hoppity Time: It’s An Ordinary Blog Easter 2014 Recap

Happy Easter, everyone! I trust that today has been enjoyable for each and every one of you. I had such a great day today with my little family and I discovered that Easter with a three year old is an absolute blast. In case you missed it (which I won’t fault you for, it was a year ago ;)), check out how we celebrated Easter 2013. This year, our bunny was lazy busy and didn’t put nearly as much care and thought into C’s basket as last year’s out of the box idea but I still think E’14 was a success. Take a look:

Easter 2014

Our day started off relaxing at home. We let C open her gift from us (which was a Repunzel doll she had here eye on during our visit to the Disney store) but the rule in our household (at least until she’s older) is that the Easter Bunny doesn’t come until after naptime so our celebratory festivities were on hold until the afternoon. During her nap, the Bunny arrived and put together hear basket (which is pictured above in the center) and also dropped off some goodies for Mommy and Daddy (to the left and right of the basket in the picture). E.B also put up our annual Egg Hunt signs and hid colorful eggs throughout the yard. When C awoke from her nap- the fun began.

Egg Hunt

Eggs were filled with mini marshmallows and reward points for her responsibilities chart (more on that system this week). Watching her run around the yard was such an incredible joy- it’s one of the many, many reasons I just love parenting this magnificent child.

The Great Egg Hunt 2014

It's An Ordinary Blog

We also treated her to another “Mommy and Daddy” gift because, honestly, what’s a holiday without just a little toddler spoilage, right?!

Easter Basket

From our family to yours, Happy Easter 2014!


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