A Note For You This Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day and the sun is shining (except not really because it’s nighttime here in Kansas City), I think this calls for a little something special from my good friend Mr. T:

In all seriousness, I couldn’t let this day pass without wishing each of you a very wonderful Mother’s Day.  Ten years ago, I wasn’t sure that I ever wanted to have children of my own. In the decade that’s passed since then, I can’t imagine life without them.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel blessed beyond measure for my role as “Mommy” to my amazing three year old daughter.  I spent a lot of time reflecting today on what it takes to be a good mother.  How can we quantify our success as parents?

Is our success in parenting measured by the number of toys our children have in their playrooms? The amount of time we spend baking homemade treats for after school snacks? The number of activities we cart our children to each week? Or is it the number of bags under our eyes after another sleepless night?  While society might sometimes have us thinking that these are the ways in which we measure how well a job we’re doing, I prefer to think otherwise.

I prefer to think that our success as Moms is in the hugs, the kisses, the “I love you’s”, and the “Mommy, I need you’s”. Your success in parenting is measured by the fact that you’re there for your children, that you love them, and that you’re the most wonderful Mom they’ve got.

To you, Happy Mother’s Day: You’re the best!

Also, I got you these flowers (aren’t I sweet?! ;))


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