I Refreshed My Curb Appeal For Less Than $10 (And You Can, Too!)

Front Door Wreath

Hi there, friends! Remember that time I showed you how to make a fun wreath for your door in three easy steps?! In case you don’t (it’s okay, I’m not mad), I would encourage you to check out the Autumn Wreath Tutorial (because I’m not going to repost the steps, sorry).

Make Your Own Fall Wreath

I loved that wreath for several months (far longer than was probably acceptable to keep an Autumn wreath on the door) and around Valentine’s Day eventually took some of the harvest decorations (like the pumpkins) off of the wreath and left the burlap with the intention of revamping the colors to make it more seasonally appropriate. Last week, I finally got around to doing just that.

I went into my local Hobby Lobby (where they consistently have great sales on craft items and seasonal decor) the other day looking for red, white, and blue burlap to completely redo the wreath hanging on my door. Then I came to the realization that if I do that, I’m going to have to change it out again in a few months or risk irritating my neighbors. So instead, I opted for something that would stand the test of time and it turned out much better than I expected. I repurposed the yellow and tan burlap ribbon that I already had from my original project and purchased some white and tan striped burlap (on sale for under $6) and some artificial flowers (in my favorite colors, also on sale) for less than $2/bunch. I spent about $10 total to completely refresh the wreath. Take a look:

DIY Wreath

DIY Wreath

DIY Wreath

DIY Front Door Wreath

DIY Wreath

Enhancing the curb appeal of your house is pretty easy. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint on the railing of your steps, a wreath for the front door, or potted planters to add some color, I definitely recommend doing little things to brighten your space up. Who knows, maybe it’ll encourage your neighbors to follow suit.

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