Introducing: Live Colors, A Learning App For Children



Four years ago, I promised myself that I would never be one of those parents who handed over control of a smartphone or tablet to my toddler. Four years ago, I had no idea how many awesome applications are out there that help promote learning for young children. Today I thought it might be fun to introduce you to one of those apps,  Live Colors, which is free right now (for a limited time) on iTunes.


I just love My three year old loves this application because it’s geared towards her development (move over Picasso, there’s a new Sheriff in town). The entire goal of Live Colors is to help inspire a child’s confidence and creativity, develop their motor skills, and to teach the correlation among various colors (including the process of creating new ones). Awesome, right?! While I don’t encourage too much screen time while children are young, I think this application in particular is a great resource for when you’re out at a restaurant and need a distraction or if you’ve got a long car (or plane, God bless you) ride to endure and need something to occupy your little one (because we all know that you can only sing “Let it Go” so many times in one hour before you start to lose your mind).

The Live Colors app is pretty simple to use. Its interface includes some really cute graphics, 20 fun and animated pages for children to color (or a set of blank pages if your child wants to get really creative), soundtracks for each page, the ability to mix and create new colors, an art gallery for all of your little artists masterpieces, an eraser in case there are any mistakes (hey, life happens, right?!), the ability to share finished pieces on your social media platforms (you’re welcome, all of my Instagram followers ;)) and the ability to print each piece so you can hang it on your wall at home.


Live Colors is currently available in several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (ummm, amazing) and is featured in seven countries in the category Ages 5 & Under > Best New Apps & Games (even more amazing).


Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself for FREE (that’s right, try it out at absolutely no charge). A little birdie told me that the free offer is going to expire next month so you might want to get on that pretty quickly (you can come back and thank me later). If you’ve used this application before, feel free to head on over to Facebook and share your best piece with me, I’d love to see it!


I was so excited for the opportunity to connect with Live Colors through my membership on I am always careful to only recommend products or services that I believe in.

10 thoughts on “Introducing: Live Colors, A Learning App For Children”

  1. That looks like a cute app. My daughter is one but she steals my phone so often that she knows how to navigate on it by swiping and clicking things, so she’d probably be happy to play on an app.

  2. That is an awesome app.. I too said the same thing, i will not have my kids on devices all day.. Now i cannot pry my 13yr old off his computer..

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