You’re Invited To A “Romy & Michele” Quote Along!

I totally skipped my own ten year high school class reunion. Partly because I was halfway across the country at the time but mostly because I had absolutely no interest in hanging out with people I hadn’t bothered to keep in touch with for more than a decade. Honestly, I think the whole concept of “class reunions” is strange. Who invented that!? So weird.


I can guarantee you that had Romy and Michele been in my graduating class, I wouldn’t have missed that reunion for the World. Why?! Because they’re amazing, that’s why. Thanks to my friends at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Kansas City, we can hang out with our favorite ditsy duo all night long. Alamo is giving you TWO opportunities to come hang out, enjoy some Gummi Bears, dance along, and laugh together with friends for “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” quote along!

Sunday, June 29th at 7:15pm & Thursday, July 3rd at 7:15pm

Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City

1400 Main Street, Kansas City Missouri

Tickets can be purchased online anytime at the Alamo Drafthouse website. I hope to see you ALL there decked out in your favorite shiny dresses and ridiculously 90s heels!

15 thoughts on “You’re Invited To A “Romy & Michele” Quote Along!”

  1. lol I went to my 10th, I’m not sure why. If you haven’t kept up with people for 10 years, they obviously don’t make a difference! But I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for years, one of those I never get around to. Maybe before the summer is up….

  2. That was a really good movie.. I went to mine, and had zero interest in anyone there except my good friends who i speak to today.. Some people have not changed at all.

  3. I feel the same way you do about high school reunions. I didn’t go to mine either. Also, considering I have old friends on Facebook, I didn’t feel the need to catch up with them because I already could. I used to watch Romy & Michele all the time. I haven’t seen it in years though.

  4. How fun! For years my husband and I have been calling each other “The Mary” or “The Rhoda” depending on our moods. As for reunions, I know 10 year ones are pretty boring and not enough time has gone by to care about your fellow students, so I skipped mine. But my 20 year one was so successful we have these “mini” get togethers once or twice a year and our 25 year was last winter, so it gets better and people mature. I’ve been putting together our reunions and minis since our 20 and it really does get better…you’ll be surprised

  5. i have always like that movie. no reunions for me, i keep in touch with those i still want to talk to

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