Introducing Custom Canvas Prints from CanvasHQ


Hello & Happy Monday, Everyone!

Would you believe me if I told you that, up until just two years ago, I had absolutely no idea that you could order your favorite photographs on canvas?!  I grew up in a family album / photographs in frames on the mantel kind of household and was absolutely blown away when I discovered that I could decorated my house with photography on canvas.  As much as I love canvas prints (which is a lot), my first experience in ordering them could have been better.  I ordered from a company online and experienced several delays and shipping issues with a few of the five prints I ordered.  Overall, though, I was really happy with the result. Take a peek:


Even though I loved how my entryway transformation turned out, I was hesitant to take on any projects involving canvas prints because of how difficult my first experience was.  Fast forward 18 months when I was given the opportunity to work with CanvasHQ (full disclosure) on a product review.  I was really excited at the prospect of having a more positive experience ordering canvas prints and so I very willingly agreed to work with the company…and I’m so glad that I did.


CanvasHQ is a really great company to work with and I am beyond thrilled with the quality of service I received from them.  Their easy to navigate website is very user friendly and I’m confident that anyone with internet access and a few good pictures on their computer would find ordering from them to be a positive experience.  I also appreciate that they offer a variety of different canvas prints at several price points which makes ordering custom artwork affordable for almost any budget.

If you’re not into photography on canvas (which I will totally secretly judge you for if you tell me), CanvasHQ still has you covered.  They’ve got an entire section on their website dedicated to inspiring you to decorate your space.  I would encourage you to take a peek at what they have to offer on their canvas art ideas page.

Overall, my positive experience in ordering from CanvasHQ left me feeling confident in the possibility of ordering canvas prints in the future and, now that I know how great the company is, I’ll be ordering from them again.

Disclosure: CanvasHQ provided me with a generous discount (100% off) in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. Regardless, all expressed opinions are uniquely my own. I only recommend products or services to my readers that I genuinely believe would be good for my readers. Please feel free to connect with me anytime with questions about this review. It’sAnOrdinaryBlog[at]gmail[dot]com.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Custom Canvas Prints from CanvasHQ”

  1. I love canvas photos! But I agree that some companies can be a pain to order from (I’ve had my fair share). I’ve never ordered from this company before, but I really love how affordable they are.

  2. I love canvas prints like this!! They make great gifts for family. We have several around our house but I have never ordered from this company. Will have to check them out. Thanks!

  3. Your wall of photos is so pretty. =) We just moved into a larger home and would love to get some canvases. I will have to check this company out.

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