Wellness Wednesdays: Vitamin C Serum by Pure Body Naturals


Hello & Happy Wednesday, Everyone! As you know, I try to take some time out each week to talk about what I’m doing for my own wellness. As I’ve gotten older (gag), I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to get serious about skincare. I recently had the opportunity to learn about Vitamin C Serum, which is supposed to help prevent the impacts of aging. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure what to think about using any sort of serum on my face other than my standard beauty routine but I have to say, after using it for a few weeks, I love it. In case you’re wondering exactly what Vitamin C Serum is all about, take a look at the information from Pure Body Naturals below:


“See The Anti Aging Power Of Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid & Instantly Gain Brighter More Radiant Beautiful Skin Upon Application with our Professional Anti-Aging Serum.

Our Facial Serum Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Suspended in a Concentrated base of Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid For Superior Anti Aging Effects.

–  Vitamin C helps smooth and firm skin and fade brown spots by inhibiting the free radicals that trigger wrinkling, sagging, and other aging changes. Apply Vitamin C in the morning,  to protect your skin from free radicals caused by sun damage.

– With bounds of studies singing its praise, Vitamin E is a skincare superstar. The vitamin has been proven to ease dryness and boosts skin’s UV defense.

– Hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate as it’s also known, has become a serious skincare staple. It’s the body’s own hydrating molecule, able to absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water and responsible for keeping our skin plump, smooth and supple. Sadly, our natural levels deplete as we age, so fight off fine lines and a loss of skin tone with our latest Vitamin C Serum.”


What I enjoy most about this Vitamin C Serum is that I can feel my skin tightening after each use and it helps me feel confident that the product is working exactly as the manufacturer intended it to.


I definitely recommend Vitamin C Serum by Pure Body Naturals for anyone who is concerned about aging skin. If you’ve tried it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

 Pure Body Naturals provided me with a discount on their Vitamin C Serum so that I could test it out and provide my honest feedback on their product.Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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