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Wellness Wednesday: Lets Chat About Tea Tree Oil & Shea Butter



Happy Wednesday, Folks! As you know, on Wednesdays, we wear pink I talk about something I’m doing (or using) to improve the quality of my life. I like to call this little series: Wellness Wednesdays (because I really am that clever) and today I want to tell you about Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter, two products that I’m just learning more about and starting to use.



For those of you who know me or have been following along with my blog for a while, you’ve probably figured out that I’m all about using all natural, sustainable materials in lieu of chemicals for just about everything in life. I recently heard about an essential oil that has tons and tons of uses for body and soul (just kidding).

Tea Tree oil can be used to help treat acne, to help with cuts and burns, and even to help treat colds and bad breath (among many, many other things). It can also be used around the house as a cleaning agent, with your laundry, or to help control mold issues (not that you have those, of course).

Disclosure: I found this on Pinterest with no link to a website or blog. I did not create this inforgraphic.

I’m using Tea Tree Oil from Apothecary Extracts. According to their website, a single 4 ounce bottle (like the one I have) should last well over a year with regular use (check back with me on that one). When you order from them, they’ll also include a FREE 100 page guide to help you understand the many uses of tea tree oil to improve your life as well as tips for replacing the harmful cleaners you’ve undoubtedly got around your house (hey, I’m not judging, I’ve got them too). Since I was given a generous discount on my tea tree oil (full disclosure here), I didn’t get the guide with my order but, based on what they’ve told me, it looks like it would be really helpful for novice users.



You can learn more about this product and everything else Apothecary Extract has to offer by visiting them on Amazon.

Shea Butter

Another natural product that I’m really enjoying right now is organic, pure shea butter. Apparently there are a ton of benefits for your skin, hair, and overall health associated with shea butter but what I’m most excited about is the incredible hydration that shea butter offers to your skin, specifically the increase in collagen that it offers. I haven’t been using this product for very long but I’m loving this all natural alternative to some of the lotions I’ve been using in the past. I’d like to know what your thoughts on shea butter are and if you’ve used it in the past?!

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