Man With No Friends Has Wedding: Hilarity Ensues

The Wedding Ringer

Wedding Ringer

Release Date: Friday January 16th, 2015

Cast: Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Running Time: 101 Minutes

MPAA Rating: Rated R for crude and sexual content, language throughout, some drug use and brief graphic nudity

Josh Gad has no friends.

From “Bridesmaids” to “The Hangover”, audiences have seen their fair share of wedding related comedies depicting the lengths some will go in the name of friendship. “The Wedding Ringer”, which hit theaters nationwide yesterday, isn’t exactly like those other movies…

“The Wedding Ringer” tells the story of Doug Harris (played by Josh Gad), a workaholic groom-to-be who, at the behest of his fiancee (played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) , is forced to locate and recruit seven of his closest male friends for the wedding party. The only problem is that he doesn’t have seven close male friends. He doesn’t even have three. He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have any friends. He’s also out of time. With just about a week until he ties the knot, Doug is out of options. Or is he?!

That’s where Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) comes into play. Jimmy is a professional best man – someone who rents himself out for faux-best friendship for weddings (and, apparently, funerals). Doug meets Jimmy, Jimmy meets the future in-laws, someone catches on fire, and hilarity ensues. Josh Gad and Kevin Hart have a great bromantic chemistry that enables them to deliver a dynamite performance in a silly, funny movie (emphasis on silly).

Although I don’t see any awards being handed out for this film, I thought (for what it was) it was pretty good. It’s funny and it doesn’t take itself too seriously – which is something that I happen to really enjoy.  Overall, on the It’s An Ordinary Blog movie review scale where one is the worst, five is the best, and ten is the worst again: I give “The Wedding Ringer” a 6.89803498304981098 with an emoticon based sub-ranking of “hahaha ahhhhhhhhhh”.

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