A Civilization In Need Of a New Home Relocates The People Already Living There – – And It’s Not a History Lesson


Home (2015) Poster

Release Date: March 27th, 2015

Runtime: 94 Minutes

Cast: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez

In the future that is the setting of “Home”, an alien race called the Boov, on the run from their enemies, have invaded earth and relocate humanity to other parts of the planet, taking the homes of those that they relocated.   One of the Boov, Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) finds himself on the run from his own people and eventually befriends a precocious human named Tip (voiced by Rihanna).  The two share an adventure and learn the meaning of home.

It’s a post-apocalyptic alien invasion buddy comedy, and it’s adorable.

In the post Pixar world, there are two kinds of animated movies: those (like the early Pixar movies) that mix in more sophisticated jokes and plot to achieve a more universal appeal and those that mainly appeal to kids.  “Home” is firmly in the latter category, and that’s ok.  I thought it was cute, but I recognize it was not made for me.  It was made for my 4 year old daughter, and she absolutely loved it. She sat through the entire thing (not always a sure thing) and continues to talk about how much she loved it.

The humor is mainly fueled by the enthusiastic voice performance by Parsons. Steve Martin, who admittedly can do no wrong in my eyes, also does a great job as the voice of Captain Smek, the leader of the Boov.

Older kids will probably be bored by a relative lack of tension and predictable plot, but for kids under 10, “Home” is cute and captivating and teaches positive lessons about overcoming fears and understanding the perspective of outsiders

On the It’s An Ordinary Blog movie review scale from one to ten where one is the worst, five is the best, and ten is the worst again: I give “Home” a 3.624324362541989213 with an emoticon based sub-ranking of “awwwwwww”.

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