Stop Right Now, Thank You Very Much! 90’s Sing-Along At Alamo Drafthouse!


Think back to your adolescence – the fun times with friends at the mall shopping, the sleepovers where we played “M A S H” and talked about all the cute boys in school, and the obnoxious dance parties where we sang our favorite songs at the TOP of our lungs. Do you guys remember how much FUN that was?!

I do and, quite frankly, I’m not ashamed to admit that I still remember ALL of the lyrics to my favorite Spice Girls songs. If you’re like me – you know you wanna (<—Spice Girls reference) re-live the fun time from your earlier years so grab a few of your closest gal pals and join me at Alamo Drafthouse for a 90’s Pop Princess Sing-Along starring the Spice Girls.

Maybe you need a night out – maybe you never got to see your all time favorite girl band in concert when you were a teenager and you’re still bitter about it to this day – maybe you’re just up for a little fun…no matter what your reasoning behind attending – be there or be square (details below).



“This all-new Sing-Along Music Video party celebrates all of their greatest hits, and your VJs will be sprinkling in a mix of additional ’90s Pop Princesses to round out the party. Spice up your life with the Action Pack and come out to the Alamo Drafthouse for an evening of unprecedented excitement. Say You’ll Be There?”

Visit Alamo Drafthouse for showtimes and ticket information.

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